Back on the road again.
War memorabilia a little too big for Matt to take home so photo opportunity time instead.

No seriously, its just not going to fit in the car.

Back in the car everyone. On the road again.
  Where to now? Any suggestions! We've got this whole island to explore.

So where to guys... Some input would be appreciated.

Shanes after more wildlife photos.
Even in the grass the locals are not safe from Shane or Taegs nature shots.
They'll even find the more experienced hidders of the bird species.

Checking out the myriad of colours and shapes of the shells that line the shoreline.

Off to the sandhills. Its a long way up.
And down the otherside we go.  

The surf is absolutely georgious.  
BBQ dinner.  
 Headed out snorkelling early.    
Taegans birthday cruise. We are setting out insearch of the elusive dugong and maybe a couple of turtles and other marine life along the way.
There is one..... I think?

The water was choppy due to an early morning storm, so unfortunately it was impossible to see anything but the occasional fleeting dark mass.

So we just went uptop of the boat and imagined what it would be like to be cruising around Australia.

  And back to shore again.
The cruise ended with a trip around Tangaloomas famous whaling shipwrecks.

Chris V Shane

Shane won by 3 balls


Taeg V Shane

Put it this way, Shane kicked butt.

Kim V Shane

So close, plenty of cheating, but Shane triumphed.... just!

And well Matt just wasn't up to it!!!!
Taegans birthday dinner started off outside in the courtyard overlooking the jetty and the beach.

Is that rain I feel???

Just a little bit...

Downpour. We're heading inside!!

A bit of early morning snorkelling to get the day rolling.

Then Taegan and Matt tried some parasailing while Shane and I packed for our afternoon departure back to Brisbane.


Matthew trying to hang on as he gets tossed around on a Jet Ski.

The last gathering before departure.


First thing Shane does when he reaches civilisation is jump onto Bens computer and surf the web.

Soon Aaron checks out what Shanes up to and joins in on the "funnies online".

Ben entertains before we get ready to head off to the airport. (Thanks for the lift guys).