Quick! How do we get there?
I think its that way.....  

Yep! Empty Ferry. Enough room for a tennis doubles match!

Well I guess tennis is now out of the question. Within an hour the place is packed.

  Everybody off!!!  

So peaceful just watching the sunset.


. . . . . .
Relaxing at the local.

A nice beach stroll in the afternoon with nobody else around.

Matthew should have bought shares in this ice-cream store.

Later that night we went to watch the dolphin feeding.

On our way to the east coast

Cruising along

The north end lighthouse

  View from the lighthouse.  
  Matt driving us to our next destination.  

The locals are out today and Shane and Taegan take full advantage with every photo opportunity that comes available.

Another beautiful little beach.

Hmm!! I wonder what Shane and Chris are looking so worried about.

Oh! The approaching large wave.....

I am outta here to safety.


They are actually waiting for the big one and I'd say this is it!

See it all on this downloadable movie.

Matt cacking himself at them getting hit by the wave.

  Water spout.  
Next stop. The Blue Lagoon.  
Crystal clear waters.    
  Lunch on the beach and no hovering seagulls.  

No one to the left of us...

No one in the surf in front of us....

And look no one to the right of us either. Wow absolutely no one around.

  Passed Camel rock and onward to the mud flats.