Thousands of Stromatolites
Stumpy "Our tour guide"

Very hot temperatures, beautiful crystal clear waters. No access to the water as the stromatolites are everywhere. Most tormenting.

  Stromatolites in the background.  
And more stromatolites.
A late lunch before retiring to our backpackers accomodation to enjoy the cooling ocean breeze and a good book.
The next day we visited a place called Ocean World to check out the local fish and sting rays found in this region.
As well as the logger-head turtle and sea snakes.
And the SHARKS!!!

After seeing the Sharks and other marine life we headed off to check out a beach consisting entirely of shells, hence the name Shell Beach. The shells have been depositing for the past 6000years (Note: our reefs in Australia are only about 18,000 years old). In some areas the shell deposit is over 1 km wide and 8 to 10 metres thick. (Note for future...... wear shoes!!!)


Our final stop was Eagle Bluff. The name sounded cool and the place did not dissapoint. A long winding boardwalk that hung over the edge of the sandy cliffs. We saw plenty of reef sharks and rays and well as a large school of fish.

Where the desert meets the sea.... that WA!

Then on our way home!