Stopped at Geraldton to watch the Sun set and stretch our legs.


Arrived at Kalbarri early the next morning and wondered around a headland for a while, until we felt hungry. The night before was spent at a truck stop in the middle of the one pub, one petrol station town of Binnu. It did however have a huge factory across the road and a Town Hall with tennis courts.


Next stop was the Kalbarri Cliffs lookout, which not only overlooked some beautiful red cliffs facing off the crystal blue waters of the ocean, but also exhibited some really nice natural features such as the Natural Bridge archway Shane is posing next to (below).


Next stop was the Shellhouse Grandstand.

And Eagle Gorge.

As noted the scenery doesn't change much, so it was decided on our next stop we would get out and do a bit of the 2 day coastal walk, that is highly recommended.

So we trekked from Rainbow Valley to Mushroom rock and decided Red Bluff wasn't too far beyond and so continued on to its red cliffs and trench style limestone brick laiden lookout.


Special mention goes to the swallows of the area who tirelessly attempted to keep the millions of flys from carrying us off. They came so close one actually banged into my arm. Shane was too focused on taking pictures of them not to notice my yelp in surprise.

Close up inspection of the red cliffs.
Heading down to the beach...
And up to Mushroom rock...
And along the plain to Red Bluff.

On our way to the Z-Bends and Natural Window there was a lookout which just seemed worth and inspection. And it was breath-taking. The lowlands below seemed miles away and the rusty reds and oranges of the soil splattered with green shrubbery and the occassional smokey white gum tree made it even look more spectacular.

The Natural Window and the Gorge a long way below with a little billabong rapidly evaporating in the stifling heat.
Shane and the Natural Window.
Shanes bridge.

Tracks left behind by an Anthropod in a once a sandy bed, now turned to rock. Species of anthropods include giant Scorpians, Spiders and Centipedes.


A bridge access across a small Gorge leads to a flat outcrop which overlooks the major water channel gorge.

Z-Bend Gorge.
Wildlife spotting on the way home.

Shanes whole hope on the holiday was to find a Thorny Devil. Which he did. Shanes finger is in the background for size.

Close up!
  And that was it for the day.