A nice casual walk led us to an old bridge and a cross road. Do we go straight on the rough gravel or do we follow the fire track to the right????

Many flowers found along our walk.

And then there was the Dam (lovely picnic area at the base of the dam, well kept gardens and stream, but daunting view of this massive dam wall towering over it all).

The climb to the top produced another fantastic view.

Many of the tracks we took. Some so over-grown that the path could barely be seen.

And of course there is the wild life.

Probably the most fascinating was the super highways created by what looked to be large orange sugar ants or small bull ants. These tracks are about 6 inches wide and are worn into the earth purely by the ants. The larger paler patches are the ant mounds and there were several of these all linked by these paths.

And all so close to the city.