DAY 1    

First stop was the coastline around Albany somewhere to stretch our legs and have a wander.


The water was a pristine aqua blue and it wasn't long before we came across an outcrop for my Mum and Shane to climb.

Then it was off to Elephant Cove.

The long decent down some old wooden stairs leads to a small creavis in a rather large rock. Upon passing through the narrow gap leads to the beach known as Elephant Cove. The timing has to be right else the incoming waves flood the gap and your shoes.

This picture and the title picture illustrate how the cove got its name. These massively tall, slender boulders are weathered such to reseamble a herd of Elephants.

After some exploring we headed back.
  I remember this all to well. Strolling along a nice level timber walkway, unaware that the ground is dropping away.  
The view was georgeous and the weather perfect as we made our way along the canopy walkway.
Then we walked amongst the giants at ground level.

Welcomed by a colourful crew of parrots.

The Gloucester Tree itself.
Shane was the only one that climbed right to the top of the Gloucester Tree.