McNaught Comet

Just sitting in the back of the car; blankets, pillows, food and more. Waiting for the Sun to set and McNaught Comet to appear.


With the Fremantle Doctor on the rage it was best to wait in the car until the Comet shows itself.


And by 9pm the beautiful image appeared. The comet appeared in the skies on Monday 15th January 2007 and was last seen on Saturday 20th January 2007 by the naked eye, well so the gossip goes anyway.

If only we could just reach out and capture it in our hands.

Looking back over to West Coast Road that hugs the coast line from Scarborough Beach to Hilliarys Boat Harbour.

Rugged up and watching the Heavenly body streak the sky.

A real treat to watch. The 10km wide comet was discovered by Australian astronomer Rob McNaught at Siding Spring Observatory, in NSW, in August 2006.