Little Marley Beach is located in the splendorous Royal National Park. The park entry fee is about $11 per car.

Marley car park is located on the left side of the road and it isn’t too far after the pay station. The car park is about 4km back from the settlement of Bundeena which is lovely little town to check out. There is a food store and a couple of takeaway food shops located within the small town, should extra supplies be required.

According to National Parks and Wildlife Service, the walk is about 3.6km one way from the car park to Little Marley Beach with a medium difficulty rating.

The trail to Little Marley starts along a non-vehicular track through heath and low scrub. While the path is relatively easy to follow, there are a couple of places where bush is growing across the track, and there are also areas of erosion. However the track leads with inspiration and wonder, especially during the wild flower season (around early September) where the Royal National Park puts on a wonderful display of colour with the wild flowers coming into bloom. Then roughly half-way along, the track descend into the wooded valley of Marley Creek, and eventually opening at Deer Pool.






Overlooking the Deer Pool
And From Another Angle


Deer Pool is an ideal spot for a nice picnic as it has sand, shallow water and plenty of rocky outcrops to conquer. Once all ambitions are met and splendour absorbed the real beauty is revealed – Little Marley beach, an ocean beach protected by a shallow reef at the mouth of the bay. There are rock platforms at both ends of the beach offering an alternative to swimming or lounging around on the sand. The beach is unpatrolled, however, there is also a lagoon among the sandhills and an almost surreal grassy area behind the beach where there is a composting toilet, but BYO toilet paper is usually required. Bear in mind that there are no rubbish bins so be prepared to carry stuff back.






Lagoon at Little Marley Beach
Lounging around



I'm Going In
Bathing Beauties
Like a Shag on a Rock
Looking Back to the City of Sydney


On a fine weekend, lots of people pass through Big and Little Marley, most of them walking the Coast Walk, typically between Bundeena and Garie Beach.

For the sandhill junkies, it’s worth a look at Big Marley Beach. Back from the beach is another, slightly smaller, body of water, Marley Lagoon. Not suitable for swimming though. The Royal National Park is Australia's oldest and the second oldest national park in the world, declared in 1879. The Royal National Park lies 36 km to the south of Sydney and spreads from the sun-kissed beaches of Wattamolla and Garie, through the coastal wilderness to the quiet waters of the Hacking River and on to the windswept low open woodlands on the western edges of the park.