It was a beautiful day for a picnic and Lake Monger is only a short bike ride away.

One of the swans thought Shane was going to feed it, but he was pointing at the cygnet scratching its belly while in the water - very buoyant little fluff balls.


Later two cobs started getting territorial near our piece of the bank, so the mother moved her little babies on shore and eventually left us to watch the pacing behaviour of the two males.

After that little disturbance, a family of ducks approached.

The parents inspected the area first, before calling the little ones ashore. Notice the view beyond of the water, bushes and city. It is quite a place to be.


Some decided to stay in the water and just paddle around, others foraged near the bank, but a couple came ashore and slept only a couple of feet from where we were.

And as the day crept on, they too eventually moved on.