T The walk we took:
  1: Where we started. 2: Old Hovea Train Station 3: Hovea Falls
  4: National Parks Station 5: National Parks Falls 6: Janes Brook
  7: Train Tunnel    
We were immediately drawn to the water and left the old train line walkway and continued along the creek.
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Well that was until the creek widened and we couldn't continue any further that way. However above was a surviving rail bridge which we quickly climbed up to to investigate.


Weathered timber, deep blue sky, lush greenery and an almost endless path with a trickling stream below, who would want to be anywhere else.


The bridge over the top part of Hovea Falls.


Up on a rocky outcrop we enjoyed the view of Hovea Falls and the surrounding greenery.

Zoomed in picture of the Falls.
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Lunch stop at the National Parks Station. There is no station here anymore, but there is a bistro and kiosk. We brought our own food so enjoyed a nice picnic style lunch by the river.


Trying to entice one of the locals to enjoy a piece of lettuce.

Soon we were back on the path again.

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It wasn't long before we reached the National Parks Falls. Very steep slope, but a very popular swimming hole at the bottom.


Shane definitely loves to climb. I don't think there is a place we have been that doesn't have a pic of him climbing something.

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Field of Yellow along Janes Brook.

Close up of little yellow flower that amasses into the bright yellow scenery.

And still it continues.


From bright yellow to lush green

Another little water hole.
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And then there was darkness - 400m of pure brick encased darkness, complete with dripping water and cobblestone floor. This is The Tunnel.


From there we followed the old railway route back to our car. It was a pleasant day with some beautiful waterfalls in which the camera just did not do justice to.