The next morning started with a light sprinkle and long lay in bed watching birds dance between the branches.

We had travelled quite a bit by now and so we took some time out to make sure the car was doing alright.

A cafe breakfast was definitely welcome after days of sandwiches and fruit for breakfast, lunch and tea.




Then we met up with Shanes parents, Mikey and Priska at a cafe in Greenwell Point.

We then setup camp on the rivers edge at Greenwell Point.




Celery sticks with Peanut Butter as an appertiser until Priska and Mikey caught up.




There were literally hundreds of these octopuses along the waters edge.

Shane can be a little retarded sometimes.

Mikey and Priska arrived....




...... and dinner was started.

Yep! Retarded.

Just like his father.




On a serious note though ...

...we had a great night catching up...

... and generally talking.




Next morning.






Packed up and headed South. This is a beautiful bridge we came across at Kangaroo Valley.




A diamond python trying to soak up as much sun as possible on this overcast day.

Some of us enjoyed the tourist shopping environment, while others pretended not to. The sign reads "Bored Husbands Seat".




More exploring.

Over the mountain and onto....

.... Fitzroy Falls.










Fitzroy Falls






  Fitzroy Falls in the background.
Afternoon lunch before Shane and I headed back to Sydney.