The drive down to Jindabyne the day after New Years was pretty uneventful.

Our room after only 5 minutes of settling in.


Next morning: Preparing lunches and water for the trek up Mt Kosciuszko

Parked the car and caught a ride up the steep bit (didn't want to wear ourselves out before we reached the summit).


Thats a long way down.

And a long way up!


Are you feeling the cold???? (NOTE: The shirt and shorts)

A quick change into warmer clothes and we were off. It was warmer at Thredbo and we asked the ticket sales office if it was colder up the other end of the lifts and they said no, but it was very much colder, luckily we always overpack as if we are staying the night out in Antartica somewhere. It was a pleasant walk along a metal grated footpath. On average about 2000 people trek to the peak each day during the summer months.


Oh no! Shanes found snow!?!?!

Yes off you go and play in the snow!

Base camp, so to speak. Here there are toilet facilities and a water boy (NPWS guy) for all those who need to make a pit stop or refill with water.


The pink line shows the track we have to take to reach the top. It spirals around one complete loop.

Behind Shane and a little to the right is the Kim-called base camp: the brownish-orange patch inline with Shanes hat (to give you some idea how high we climbed).

For all of you who received a text, here he was texting you.

My shoes have been falling apart for years, only I noticed on this particular walk the rate of deterioration was increasing, but they made up and back.

Enjoying the sites of Mt Kosciuszko National Park. There was a NPWS officer handing out snacks in exchange for people to complete a survey.

The arrow points to Seamans hut. A refuge for people who get stranded up here during bad weather. We decided after the snack break at the top of Mt Kosci. we'd visit the hut.

Panorama from the survey point on the summit of Mt Kosciuszko.

Quick pic at the survey point....

And another infront of the official plaque.

Back at base camp.


The view along the road to Seamans Hut.

Seamans Hut: Here we had lunch and enjoyed the views of the valley of Charlottes Pass. 

Back on track to head back to Thredbo.

We made it back in time before the lifts closed.


Views of Thredbo from the lifts.


We found a nice rest area in the Kosciuszko National Parks to spend the night.


Up early next morning and ready to visit Charlottes Pass for some breakfast and light hiking. Shane manage to get motivated before me.

The road to Charlottes Pass.


Some little creek we stopped at along the way.

A view of the township of Charlotte Pass.


After our effort the day before, a light walk was a welcome change. We both love to go walking, but the lead up to Christmas was so hectic that neither of us had done much and then to suddenly walk 20km in one hit really had its affects.


The area was absolutely breath-taking. It was a lovely way to end our 3 day trip to Kosciuszko.


Off on the road again. We spent the afternoon at a National Park near Durass. Its a quiet little camping ground right on the beach. Shanes parents are down this way somewhere with Mikey and Priska and we are planning on meeting up with them some time tomorrow.