Going into the new year partially aware.


Got up early New Years Day to find the two little temps up to mischief in the lounge room. However they were quick to jump on my lap for cuddles.

Cheeky little fur ball.
Sleepy little fur ball.
Other little smooch, trying to be cute for the camera.
And trying to get as much attention as possible.

As the temperature rose we decided it was time to switch the air-con on and spend the day in the lounge room. The temperature reached just below 45 degrees in the shade at about 1.30pm.


It was so hot that Chewy (the grey one) was sweating so we brought all the cats in and some such as demon (the first photo) and Casper (the other black one on his back) appreciated the cooler environment.


Others were completely unimpressed having to share the same room, so the stand off lasted until about 7pm when it was cool enough to let them all out.

Poor little one. Can't play anymore because the big grumpy cats are in. A little bored I think.