Our Road trip to Kempsey started off well, untill we got on the Freeway between Hornsby and the Gosford Exit. But we were soon happy again, because it was smooth sailing after that.


Well it was until it started to hail near Port Macquarie. Left some real ugly dints in the bonnet and the roof of the car.


But later that night when we got to Kempsey the sky decided to put on a brilliant colour display.

Next day started off slow.
But ended with an afternoon trip to Cresent Head to see how things have changed.

The home invaders of Kempsey - Tyler the black and white puddy tat and Fella the not so intelligent, but faithful puppy dog.


Looking at South West Rock Beach from a little rocky outcrop/island (depending on the tide) located midway along the beach.

Sitting in the shade enjoying the view. Can you see Shane?
And what a beautiful view from our little spot. Recovering from too much relaxation.