Relaxing before the tribe of people arrive.

The cats have no idea of the invasion as they lay peacefully in the shade.

I think the turtle must know - its in hiding. A would be pet that Taegan rescued off the road.

The first group - Uncle Peter and his three kids (David, Christopher, and Katherine).

Lounging around before its time to begin cooking.

The Nord family have arrived and made themselves at home under the two large weeping willows in the front yard.

After all that lying around its time to try and get a little active..... Golf anyone?

Taegan Shane Ben

For some reason Sandy, the dog, didn't think much of Bens golfing swing and would often risk snozz and paw to get the ball to move.

Drastic measures call for drastic distractions... and a little torture. The rope just isn't long enough for her to get to that little inanimate object.

Ahhhh! That was hard work. Back to the weeping willows to recover.

Just sitting and enjoying the day.

More working out. No not the gym lets just play pool instead.

Our warped table offers more amusement then game time. Yes Ben with any normal table the ball would not swing to that location, but this is not any ordinary pool table.

Three to find a knife and one to use it.

All in to get the peeling done.

Shane supervises the sorting of the cutlery.

The Ballintine family arrives and joins the circus out on the front yard.

Sitting around and having a yarn as the day drifts by.

Dinner is ready.... Come along every one.

All line up and ready for the big feast.


Gravy anyone. Come on keep the production line running.


Some are just too impatient!!!

The stragglers.

And the patient ones!

What is through this door???

The masses join for more talking and some eating.
And more eating....
And more talking.....

And well as you can see, more eating.

Finally the two cooks sit and enjoy their meal.

While the rest wash up and put the stuff away.

Aaron decides to get a meal together for Mikey who is arriving from Airley Beach later tonight.

Our own little light show

Sitting and chatting and listening to some live music.

Everyone relaxes out under the weeping willows which now puts on a brilliant light show above.


Most of the group.

Even Casper decides its time to search for some cuddles.


Mikey's first thought is food upon arriving in Sydney.