Shane got to work removing those dreadfully heavy doors.

While Taegan and Shane claimed the roof.

The Dog reminding us how important it is to keep up your fluids.


Shane deciding more persuasion is required to remove them.

Taegan and Shane still at it on the roof.

Is Taeg giving this job the thumbs up or does she just have a sore thumb.

Lunch break was definitely needed.  

Back to it.


However some of us needed a longer break.


When the roof started coming off it finally felt like progress. Though by that stage I was completely exhausted. It was a long day.


Yesterday us people on the ground spent the entire day grinding off bolts and packing up the trailer.

Our mess area.

More grinding and removing bolts.


Taegan making use of the mess area.

Shane removing the last of the "Difficult" bolts.



While Taegan, Shane and my Shane take todays first load back to Cawdor. The rest of us start to dismantle the frame.


Between me and the cars there once was a 6 stable horse shed. 520 wall nuts and bolts, 56 wall panels (very heavy), 72 roof sheets and over 650 roof screws and not to mention the frame and framing bolts and 4 extremely heavy door panels later, there was nothing but a concrete slab.


Last bit of tying up.

All done and though it looks dark it wasn't really that dark. Tomorrow its back to work.

And that concludes our Christmas Holidays.