Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse


Walking along the Headland Loop track. This is a particularly popular area for whale watching.


Getting closer to the beach. The water along the west coast always seems really clean and crystal clear, even after an offshore storm.

And getting closer still.
The perfect wave.
We stood at this point for ages just watching the sets roll in and break so perfectly.
Another prefect wave.

As we continued our way further down towards the beach we came across a distinctly different area known as "The Other Side Of The Moon". It is a barren, windswept area of limestone outcrop, possibly once a coral reef with all the hollow twisted worm-like limestone pieces scattered acoss the surface. For a really cool perspective of this site visit However to run this site quicktime needs to be installed.

Looking down on the beach.
Looking out to sea.

Wandering the beach, with not another soul around, except perhaps the souls from the ships wrecked offshore from this headland.


And heading back after hours of exploring the coastline. And not a moment to soon as the clouds forming offshore started to make their way inland.


View the video stream by clicking on the picture above to see how fast the storm was approaching. Note Shane is strolling along in the bottom right hand corner of the shot.